Sunday, January 18, 2009

9:48 p.m.

Laying in bed; sound of the fan, me typing, sound asleep wife, and Wayne's World. Nothing better then laying in bed after a good Sunday.

I got the AAA job as a sales clerk. I'm still shocked. I can believeable... I haven't got past the fact that I got the freakin' job. I guess I'll only really be able to take it all in the first full week I get in. I started, officially, this past friday. I get my feet wet on Tuesday and will only really get in a full week, a week from tomorrow. Get it? I don't.

This weekend has been pretty good. Not a lot happened; got back to Wal-Mart to return some button-up shirts and pants that didn't really fit all that well.

Adventurous? No. Exciting? Absolutely!

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